The strange galaxies of the Pisces constellation

Located some hundred million light-years from here, these colorful galaxies can be seen behind the stars that make up the constellation of Pisces. We don't know exactly how these galaxies got here...but they're certainly amazing sights to look at now. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27This is what a space shuttle launch looks like from an airplane

Thursday marked the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and one lucky airliner was fortunate enough to witness its launch from a high altitude. And even better, one of its passengers was able to video Discovery taking off. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27In the 1950s, Ford Motor's vice-president pushed for a flying car

In 1958, you'd find no greater advocate for the hovercar than Ford vice president Andrew A. Kucher. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Aliens invaded Pennsylvania last week (and nobody noticed)

Or at least this lone camerawoman (who was armed with a night vision attachment) did. This footage of extraterrestrial dropships (or weather balloons or spontaneously combusting sparrows or whatever) was recently taken outside of Pittsburgh. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Robotic fish could both save and enslave all fishkind

Fish are under constant threat from natural disasters, chemical spills, and even boat turbines. Their best chance for survival might be leaders who know when danger is imminent and lead the others to safety...and those leaders might be robot fish. More »


io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Q: What's one way to unclog a frozen river? A: Dynamite

When the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada freezes for the winter, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and city officials clear up the river's ice jams using a rather jarring method — blowing up the ice with dynamite. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Lasers could someday fight cancer without breaking a patient's skin

Lasers are everywhere these days, and for very good reason. They're insanely useful. They can be used to detect chemicals, play tag, re-shape people's eyes, play music, make concerts more spectacular, play with pets, make precision cuts, and play virtual tennis inside the house. Whether lasers are used for aesthetic, utilitarian, or recreational reasons, the vast majority of lasers need one thing — a clear field between the device that emits them and whatever is supposed to receive them. Now it looks like —at least in medicine — that's about to change. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Human magnets are actually just really greasy

Every so often, people claim to be human magnets, able to attract and make metal objects stick to their bodies. It seems like a strange, physics-defying ability...but the perfectly simple explanation isn't quite so flattering to these supposed human magnets. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27How old is the earth, and how do we know?

Short answer: 4,540,000,000 Earth-years, plus or minus 1%. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27The Lord of Rings, remixed into a stuttering electronic track

The remixer Pogo's gained internet acclaim for his aural cut-and-pastes of such films as Snow White. Now he's used snippets of dialogue and sound from Lord of the Rings for his latest composition, "Murmurs Of Middle-Earth." More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Game-playing monkeys reveal how we evolved self-awareness

Self-awareness, the ability to assess and even doubt one's own thoughts, is a crucial sign of intelligence, but it's also one of the hardest traits to identify. Macaques have now demonstrated they have self-awareness...which might explain our own evolutionary story. More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Lois Lane's bachelorette party = a drunk Superman and a cross-dressing Green Arrow

Last Friday's episode of Smallville, "Fortune," was hands-down the most deranged hour of the show in recent memory. Thanks to some magically spiked champagne from Zatanna, Smallville delivered a shitfaced Superman stopping criminals and Oliver Queen dressed a showgirl. Spoilers? More »

io9 Round-Up: Sunday, Feb. 27Oops! We cloned the Antichrist!

Don't you hate it when you're stealing embryos from a secret government cloning facility and you swipe the Anti-Christ clone? Plus a first look at Nick Frost's alien invasion flick Attack The Block! More »