A picture of the Space Shuttle launch, shot from space by a camera phone

That streak of light breaking out of the "space barrier" around the Earth is the Space Shuttle Discovery, photographed by Droid 1, an Android phone lifted into space by a weather balloon.

Quest for Stars, a non-profit educational organization co-sponsored by Challenger Center for Space Science Education has launched weather-balloon-hoisted cameras into space before, but this time around, the group of students and educators wanted to capture the actual Shuttle launch from space. So they put together Robonaut-1 (no relation to Robonaut-2, the humanoid robot aboard the Shuttle itself) and sent it up 100,000 feet.

The pictures now being uploaded to Quest for Stars' Facebook page were taken using an on-board HD Camera Phone Satellite (PHONESAT). The package also contained two Android phones, which shot video, which we're hoping will be uploaded soon. [Quest for Stars]