FRIDAY NIGHT WTF | The Grind mural photo, via The Greasy Lens on Tumblr.


What if Y:The Last Man was a cheesy Mad Max ripoff? [NSFW]

What is it about post-apocalyptic movies that let film-makers go way beyond the bounds of decency and common-sense? Case in point: She-Wolves of the Wasteland, a film in which all the men are dead, and all the women are insane. More »


ROUNDUPBrooklyn bar turns the TARDIS into a Toilet

The Steampunk Victorian bar Way Station in Prospect Heights, NY has opened its doors to everyone who wants fancy cocktails, live jazz and blues music - and for those who want to brag that they've relieved themselves inside the TARDIS. More »

ROUNDUP"Drive Angry" is the best exploitation movie in years

Drive Angry is one of those delightfully tasteless movies that turns dumb, gross fun into true artistry. This horror flick is like the three-headed devil child of David Lynch and Rob Zombie - it was crafted with loving care by film nerds who love exploitation movies, and every blood-soaked minute is pure, unhinged awesomeness. More »


ROUNDUPLocal vampire outsmarts bank, goes on Fox News to brag about it

Did you know that the bank might be screwing you out of your hard-earned cash? Patrick Rodgers, Philadelphia vampire, stopped by the local news to share his money-making secrets with the mortals of the world. More »

ROUNDUPHow fire ants invaded North America, then the world, in just a few decades

The insect known as S. invicta, or the fire ant, will bite the crap out of you, join up with its buddies to swarm everywhere, and ruin everything in its path. More »

ROUNDUPScience fiction book covers that you may need protective gear to look at

Over at Flavorwire, there's a nice collection of science fiction cover art - "the good, the bad and the totally bizarre." Warning: some of these covers may require some kind of specially shielded eyewear before viewing. More »

ROUNDUPAt last scientists offer a possible explanation for urban hipsters

We've all seen the movie set-ups. Some fresh young thing gets off a bus from nowheresville and walks breathless through the Big City. They gape at the tall buildings, the fast cars, and the strange people. More »

ROUNDUPThe Legend of Koizumi: Japanese Politics, Mahjong Action and Space Nazis

In Hideki Ohwada's manga Mudazumo naki Kaikaku: The Legend of Koizumi, real-world politicians vie for power by beating one another in deadly mahjong battles. More »

ROUNDUPThe Predator musical will fill your heart with song (and Carl Weathers)

You've seen Jon and Al Kaplan's Arnoldriffic musical revues of Conan, T2, and Total Recall. For their Schwarzenegger swan song, the brothers bring us "If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It." More »

ROUNDUPScience proves that teachers should get tattoos

Some scientific studies choose massively weird topics...this is one of those. But among all those weird topics, a select few also produce results so bizarre, so counterintuitive that it makes you rethink everything...starting with whether teachers look better with tattoos. More »

ROUNDUPExclusive premiere of the Justice League XXX trailer, with Ron Jeremy as the Penguin

We're proud to present the completely safe for work trailer for The Justice League XXX Meet the evil villains the JLA will have to fend off, most likely using their sex parts. More »

ROUNDUPNew Sucker Punch trailer could be about WWI strippers and their dragon… maybe

Could Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch be about a troop of burlesque dancers doing meth and samurai sword fighting, while stuck in the muddy trenches during WWI? More »

ROUNDUPThe Weirdest Animal Expert Who Ever Lived

An eccentric from 18th century Yorkshire, animal-lover and inventor Jemmy Hirst was the greatest eccentric in English history. His bizarre exploits included riding bulls, teaching otters to fish, fixing sails to his carriage, and treating the king like an equal. More »

ROUNDUPArtists use genetic engineering to turn author William S. Burrough's shit into a new lifeform

William S. Burroughs wrote a number of mindfuck novels in the twentieth century, most memorably Naked Lunch, later adapted into an equally mindfucky movie about bug-powder snorting aliens by David Cronenberg. More »

ROUNDUPAcid zits, laser peaches, and Dracula: the most inexplicable martial arts and ninjutsu techniques

Most of us are familiar with standard ninja and kung fu attacks, but did you know that there's a technique that conjures Dracula to vanquish your foes? According to bargain bin cinema, martial arts allow you to do anything and everything you damn well please. More »