Soraya Intercine's TV program Supergirl not only cribs a name from DC's lady Kryptonian — this Indonesian show also takes some serious fashion cues from Marvel's Spider-Woman. Frankly, I love these bootleg heroes. She can start a superteam with the Indian Incredible Hulk, the Bangladeshi Hulk, and every Turkish superhero ever. Together they can take down Bangladeshi King Kong and Japanese Jaws.

UPDATE: Massive hat tip to io9 commenter Rossum for translating Soraya Intercine's PR agent's response to allegations of stealing Spider-Woman's costume:

Dewi refutes the accusations that Supergirl's costume are a copy of the Marvel character Spider-Woman's. "Oh, no not at all. Because the process of finding the costume is not necessarily like that. There's definitely a focus. Actually, were were focused on the look of Cat Woman. The tightness of the outfit is the same - but Mano's (*Mano is the actress) hair is straight this time. If there are still people who say we are plagiarists, just compare her shoes and her wings (*or arms). They're definitely different" she said.

[Via CBM]