Winter is the perfect time to cozy up in front of a fire and knit. But there's no reason those yarn projects can't celebrate our love for all things science fiction and fantasy. Here are 20 awesome free knit/crochet patterns.

1) R2D2 Beanie


This is the droid hat pattern you're looking for.
By Carissa from Irving, Texas

2) Jayne hat


You too can be the Hero of Canton!
By Erica Barcott

3) Space Invader Socks
Knit these awesome socks because you can't fit your Atari in your shoes.
By Aija Goto

4) Dr. Who Scarf


It's a good thing the Tardis is bigger on the inside. Otherwise the scarf would never fit.
By Chris Brimelow

5) Transformer Washcloth


Autobots, roll out!
By Enid Danforth

6) Star Trek Potholder

Live long, and don't burn yourself on those handles.
By Llana from Toronto

7) DNA Scarf


Because cableknit isn't hard enough!
By June Oshiro

8) Weasley Sweater


The Weasly sweater is the most infamous fictional knitted item ever. Give one to your loved ones!
By Kristine Michelle Howard

9) Baby's First DNA Model


And there's left twist DNA at the link. For baby's first xenobiology!
By Kimberly Chapman

10) Dalek (and unarmored Dalek)

Now you can be just like Davros and make your own Dalek! Except Davros didn't knit.


Check out the original pattern at Penwiper's blog (not to mention her other cool geeky craft projects) as well as Orata's addition of a pocket and a little unarmored Dalek.

11) Stuffed Tardis


Because that awesome Dalek needs something to shoot at!

Finished Tardis knitted by pixelbrid at Pattern by Penwiper

12) Lord Of The Rings Tree of Gondor Sweater


Seven stars and seven stones and one white tree. On an awesome sweater! By Dragoncrafter

13) Mario Villains Scarf

Not only will this wonderful scarf keep you warm, it provides a handy guide of things to avoid on your next sewer adventure. By Andrea Cox

14) Starbuck's Mandala Hat



Quirky Knit Girl describes this hat as "the perfect fandom knit; people who watch the show will probably get it, but those who don't will just think it's an awesome hat." We have to agree.

By Quirky Knit Girl

15) Golden Snitch


Just make sure no one swallows any snitch you make from this awesome pattern!

By Kat from Minneapolis

16) Crocheted Spiderman Afghan



This web in Spidey's signature colors brings new meaning to the phrase "security blanket."
By Gail E. and Wendy G.

17) Crocheted Magnetic Katamari

Greatest paperclip holder ever!
By Amy Shimmel

18) Crocheted Mario Mushrooms


This mushroom may not save you from the lava, but it is still super cute!
By Linda Potts (check out her many other designs on the blog.)

19) Crocheted Totoro


Because everyone wants a Totoro to cuddle.
By Lucy Ravenscar from West Sussex (she also has an Etsy store where she sells other geeky patterns)

20) Crocheted Flying Spaghetti Monster Hat


So many noodly appendages!
By Sparky at