io9's intrepid art intern Daniel Spitzer just discovered an old trunk of Atomic Glory pulps from back when humans were first colonizing the solar system. Check out this gallery of covers - they're a glimpse at scifi of the future.

Says Daniel:

Hey, just found some old pulps and comics from when my Grandfather was a spice miner in the Aldebaran system. Old Pro-Earth tales about exploration, mostly made for children and semi-literate humans living on the frontier. The science is questionable, and the viewpoints on other lifeforms is considered extremely racist and xenophobic by today's standards. The worst part is the complete inaccuracy when it comes to the 20th and 21st century history. Here are the first of many Atomic Glory Pulps, which later switched to Atomic Glory Comics (I may send some of those as well).

Here's hoping for those Atomic Glory Comics, and maybe some posters too!

If you'd like to have an Atomic Glory tee or hat, visit Daniel's Cafe Press store!


Daniel designed all these pulp covers (I helped a little with a few of the headlines). He does not have a time machine that allows him to travel to the far future in order to find old pulps from the near future. And if he did, he wouldn't tell you about it.