Tommy Kovac is known for his melancholy characters such as Stitch, from his first comic, and Autumn, but also his mischievous Skelebunnies. His blend of whimsy and darkness appeals to goths as well as people who like mushrooms and acorns.

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The Complete Skelebunnies Collection Cover

Sparkly Unicorn! Nothing could be sweeter than a Unicorn, right? But wait! What's this? Is this beautiful creature breathing sparkly fire?

The Royal Historian of Oz - Tommy's latest series about Jasper Frizzle, an historian hoping to follow in the footsteps of L. Frank Baum

Ignorance and Underpants

Skelebunnies #1 - The cover of the first issue. Who wouldn't be enticed by this?

You Love Us Now, Right? An interior page. Just gotta love this warped sense of humor.

I Died for Your Grins - a perfect Halloween flag.....

Sketch of the Widdershin Moon - very hypnotic


Shark Children

I Can't Listen to You....

Skelebunnies #2 - Please don't eat the babies (Naughty Knife and Angelic Spoon)

Chomp! Off with his head!

Screaming Inside

Autumn #1 - Cover of the first issue

Autumn Arrives on the Outcast Trolley

Autumn #2 - Cover of the second issue

Autumn #5 - Cover of the fifth issue

Bzzzt - Skelebunny love....

Wonderland - not your usual Alice

Sequential Tart

Skelebunnies Spanktacular #1

Stitch - one of Tommy's most beloved characters. Poor little rag doll.

Stitch #2 - Cover of the second issue

More Stitch

Monster Girls with Braided Horns

Why are you so disgusting? A question I ask my cats every day....

Shoes & Stockings...

Interior - from Skelebunnies (warning, pretty lewd)

Splort - The Devil