The io9 Halloween Costume Show is in full swing over in our Flickr group. Here are some of spine-tinglingly awesomest costumes you've posted so far.

There are also tons more amazing, gorgeous, and sexy costumes over in the Costume Show - check them out, and post your own! (You can only post pictures of yourself, though.) Show us your costumes from the past, or give us a peek at what you're working on for Halloween this year! We'll post more great costumes next week.

via io9 Halloween Costume Show

Top image: Have I raised the Witch in Left4Dead or am I witnessing the scariest cosplay I've ever seen? Holy crap, RimHooves, that is a terrifying look. The claws!

Destro and the Baroness, brought to you by laraelisesteele. Love those rivets in Destro's neck.

Lord Starkiller, I presume, visualvrtx?

Mass Effect 2 crew, from ammnra.

Is it really a good idea to intermingle the world of Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story 3? I must admit, usc_imangineer, the result does look awfully cute.

This entirely handmade Xena outfit, created by BrassIvyDesign, looks fantastic. Damn, I miss Xena!

Rogue is looking both classic and totally badass. Those boots! Thanks SkyJammer, for sharing the pure win.