The live-action movie of Korea's animated classic Robot Taekwon V has been in the works forever, but it's finally coming in 2011. And some new concept art shows that the taekwon-do-champion robot could look a lot like Michael Bay's Transformers.


It's not surprising that this newly released Robot Taekwon V concept art looks Transformers-ish, since it's the work of Josh Nizzi, who also worked on the second and third Transformers movies. But still, it's striking just how similar to Bay's vision this concept art is. There's also a piece of promotional artwork that came out a little while ago.

In the classic 1976 animated movie, Dr. Kim creates the giant robot Taekwon V to fight off an army of evil giant robots created by a mad scientist. Dr. Kim's oldest son, Kim Hoon, is a taekwon-do champion who uses his taekwon-do moves to control the robot in action. Sometimes Kim Hoon's girlfriend, Yoon Yeong-hee, takes a turn piloting the giant robot, since she's also a taekwon-do champion and experienced pilot. And Dr. Kim's younger son, Kim Cheol, provides the comic relief by cutting holes in a tea kettle and wearing it on his head, pretending to be a robot himself.


We're dying to see the full film, since any combination of giant robots and martial arts is automatically major coolness. For now, though, here are a couple more pieces of concept art from Nizzi:
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And a piece of promotional art for the film:

Bigger versions at the link. [TheTaekwonVLab.Co.Kr, via Twitch Film]