This is one of a haunting, gorgeous series of photographs by New York artist Kevin Cooley, called "Light's Edge." He works with an unusual form of retro technology to create dramatic streaks of light in dark, remote areas.

Cooley explained his technique to F-Stop Magazine:

To create the streak in the sky, I used an old military flare. After a long period of failed experimentation with model rockets, fireworks, and marine flares, I settled on military flares for two reasons. They are very bright and enjoy a nice long hang-time in the air of around 8-10 seconds. Second, I really liked their predictable trajectories, something which I wasn't getting with the other methods I tested. The flares are all from various militaries in Eastern Europe and date from the late 1970's and 80's. I was surprised to find hardly any duds in the entire gross I used for this project.

You can see more of Kevin Cooley's work on his website.