Check out this insanely detailed concept art of Transformers' Autobot City, created by Floro Dery. This is the Earth base where the mighty Autobots would live on Earth, which would fold into a fist if it were attacked. It's massive!

This is early concept art from The Transformers: The Movie, the animated film from '86. It was suggested that the Autobots should move from their Volcano headquarters to Autobot City. And as you can tell from the insane detail in these models, it was a pretty fantastic place to set your headquarters. We particularly love how it folds up into defense mode as well as the crow's nest.

Jim Sorenson from Boltax first posted these gorgeous designs from Dery. There are 5 pieces total and we strongly suggest visiting his site to check out the rest. [via Disciples of Boltax]


[via Disciples of Boltax]

[via Disciples of Boltax]