Where's my goddamn Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot movie?

Frank Miller and Geof Darrow's hyper-action comic — about a pair of metallic avengers who take on giant monsters with wit, panache, and heart — would make for a terrific animated flick. Get on it, Hollywood.

Clearly inspired by both Astro Boy and classic kaiju tales of urban destruction, The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot was a sweet two-issue Dark Horse series about a soldier encased in metal, loved the world over for his heroics — Big Guy — and the shiny new robot, Rusty, who idolized him. And, together, they caused wanton property damage all in the name of justice.

Where's my goddamn Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot movie?


It was violent, sure — the intricacies of carnage is one of Darrow's specialties — but you could tame a bit of that down for a PG audience, while not taming it down as the short-lived Big Guy & Rusty animated series, which tried a little too hard to be something it wasn't:

Sure, it already exists in its most perfect form — on the page — but in a world where shitty kidflicks are being pumped out one after another, after another, I'd much rather see Big Guy & Rusty get a shot at the brass ring.


(Inspired by a comment by Illundiel)