Canada's mighty beavers have been keeping busy. This newly discovered beaver dam, in Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park, is so big it can be seen from space. Check out some more pics of the 2,788-foot marvel.

Scientists believe that the beavers started creating this Candian dam sometime in the mid-70s. The 2,788-foot dam dwarfs the average beaver dam, which in Canada is anywhere from 32-feet to 320-feet long.

Jean Thie of EcoInformatics accidentally found the beaver dam using Google Earth's satellite technology to track the melting permafrost with satellite imagery, and you can see where it is on Google Earth exactly by clicking here. Thanks to the The Epoch Times
Images via Parks Canada


Images via Parks Canada Graph via EcoInformatics.

Images via Parks Canada


Images via Parks Canada

The particular picture was taken by Steve Anderson of Wood Buffalo National Park Edmonton Journal