Parody Posters For Shows And Movies We're Glad Don't Exist

Daren Dochterman isn't just one of our favorite concept artists, who's worked on Iron Man 2. He's also the creator of these weird TV/movie parody posters. "Not Coming Soon" includes concepts like Dirty Harry Potter. "Do you feel magical, punk?"

Actually my favorite might be Co-Dependence Day, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. There's also a gruesomely funny scorched action figure for Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, post-Stormtrooper attack.


Explains Dochterman:

For a few years, in various incarnations, I did humorous movie posters and bits for Eon Magazine online, and then CINESCAPE. It was brought back for a special edition of CFQ... and may come back someday. It started with my idea for a book of awful movie posters of "high concept" movies based on TV shows. When most of the movies came to pass, I abandoned the idea bitterly.

There are tons more hilarious posters over at the link. [Not Coming Soon at Daren Dochterman]