Joss Whedon To Rewrite Captain America As Well As The Avengers?

Now that it's official that Joss Whedon's in final negotiations to direct The Avengers, the cherry on top of Marvel's superhero sundae, a new rumor has emerged. Not only will he rewrite The Avengers' screenplay, but also Captain America's.

Obviously this is good news - anyone who's followed Whedon's career will know he started as a screenwriter for projects like Toy Story and Speed. More importantly, he gets the mechanics of superhero narratives, including the reasons why they wear the crazy costumes - just look at Astonishing X-Men #1 for a cogent explanation of that - and the importance of the "fuck yeah" moment. Let's put it this way: with Whedon doing a rewrite, Captain America is less likely to include the subplot where the newly supersoldiered Steve Rogers goes and becomes a U.S.O. song-and-dance performer instead of being sent to fight the Red Skull right away.