Which Superhero Does Stan Lee Think Disney Should Tackle Next?

With so many marquee Marvel comics heroes already snatched up by studios, who can Disney use for their next blockbuster? Stan Lee weighs in on the Disney-Marvel movie merger and made the case for a certain diminutive superhero.

Stan recently sat down with Bloomberg and talked what superheroes Disney and Marvel should pick up for their upcoming motion pictures. Stan made the case for Ant-Man and Dr. Strange, and also mentioned three original superhero movie projects his own POW! Entertainment has in the pipeline: Blaze, Nick Rachet, and Tigress. Stan's been talking up these projects since 2008, but it's good to see him advocating Hank Pym's long-awaited film debut, particularly since Edgar Wright's Ant-Man has been in Neat Idea Purgatory for years.


[via Comic Book Movie]