The Weapon Makers – the sequel to The Hot Pants.

Overlove? Was he shackled for loving too much?


"And the last thing the revelers ever saw was 100-yard eldritch dong."


Incidentally, this isn't a sci-fi novel. It's just your average Italian algebra textbook.

The Amazons of Nipslipania take no quarter.

This book's synopsis is a thing of a magic.

Unbeknownst to many readers, there is a dinosaur on the cover.

Race Bannon spends his off days perfecting zero gravity cougar seduction.

When the X-Men disbanded, Kitty Pryde was down, but not out.

What's this? A tour guide to Bangkok 2099?

Hellquad. Now that's getting down to brass tacks.

Now here's a euphemism that flew under our radar.

Roberto was clearly schooling Filomena in Strip Apocalypse.

Monica Bellucci has had enough of these nude scenes.

And here's Rule 34.

Because Boobs on the Moon was too easy.

Because The World of Hymens was already taken.

"Keep your shirt on, darling. It's only judgment day."

Billy's excuse was he watched for the satellites

The Firenze Nudist Society meets Bloktar, the Friendly Bungee-Jumping Monster.

In Europe, anti-sexual harassment PSAs are 100% metaphorical.

Stogmar, God-King of Sidebooboplois.

Apparently there's an inverse correlation between technological advancement and blue language.

Oh, the onanism before the internet.

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We're too uncomfortable to be wiseacres.

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Explosive decompression is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

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Jimmy Buffett fans have the weirdest foreplay.

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"This is a nightstand book." Thanks for reminding us.

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This totally brings to mind the following Mr. Show sketch.

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She looks like the Queen of the Turnips, but whatever.

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