All I can say is that io9ers know how to make great costumes, and they know how to party. This is our final edition of the io9 Halloween Costume Show, and we've got some standouts.

And this is just a small sampling of all the amazing, sexy, crazy, and brilliant costumes in our full collection on Flickr. If you want to see more of your fellow io9ers partying down cosplay-style, then check out the full io9 Halloween Costume gallery on Flickr. See you next year!

This picture is great for two reasons. One, classic Trek pose. Two, this was taken at a party for physics researchers and students. Pierre-W proves physicists know how to party!

Tmoogan is a smokin' Comedian. He even got the facial hair right!

Is it possible that Andrewswright is the coolest dad ever?

From mjollnir999, a snapshot of a party where everybody dressed up just right.

Bonus points to oy.veh for adding special effects to this shot of the Ghostbusters hunting ghosts in some kind of office . . .

Thank you, vulcanized75, for keeping Starbuck alive in our hearts. Somebody seriously researched that tat.

I am in awe. Seriously, grendl64, this is fucking awesome.

Steampunk and loligoth are two great tastes that go great together, right sexyphlegm?

It's Sweeney Todd vs. Captain Mal! A cage match I'd like to see, and now I have, thanks to Gaambit.

Oh my! It's the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt! Operaghost1 says he's going to split the Republican vote by reviving the Bull Moose Party.

M1khaela knows what gets Teen Wolf excited - meeting a girl from the Anti-Sex League! This coupling is full of 1980s meta-goodness.