Ever since we got wind that something horrible would be happening on Heroes, the wild speculations began. Now the cat's out of the bag... and it's a bit of a letdown. Spoilers ahead.

E! Online is reporting that the big surprise departure that will shake fans is that of Adrian Pasdar's character, Nathan Petrelli.


So the big death is already somebody who died last season? Brilliant. What a non-surprising anti-climactic announcement. Last season, Sylar killed Nathan and then Matt Parkman clumsily put Nathan's personality into Sylar's Nathan-shaped face, so he became fake Nathan. (Or "Nylar.") But even so: Nathan was already dead. So now, he'll be really, really dead. Also, what was the point of all those weeks of Nathan being secretly Sylar and struggling with his memories, if it was just going to end up with Nathan gone and Sylar (presumably) back to normal? The only sad thing is, Nathan was still one of the few likable characters on the show, even after his journey into ickiness during "Fugitives." Poor Adrian Pasdar — I hated you the least of all.