The clunky backgrounds, blaring Midi sound files, and ugly ads... there's a lot we won't miss about Geocities when it shuts down today. But it was home to tons of fan sites and science-fiction resources: here are some we'll miss.

Geocities had a fantastic DIY sensibility that encouraged absolutely anybody to put up a website. And people used it to upload articles from their old fanzines, and create sites on incredibly niche topics, like all the different versions of the Fourth Doctor's scarf we saw on Doctor Who, or the history of obscure TV shows. Nowadays, people would probably start blogs instead — but it's hard to keep a blog about Tom Baker's scarf going for terribly long.

Is there another fansite for science-fiction disco wizard Meco on the internet? We couldn't find one.


Anyway, we searched through Geocities in its last remaining moments, and pulled up some of our favorite sites that cover obscure or odd topics, plus a few of the silliest. What are your favorites that you'll miss when it's gone?

Jellied Jar-Jar Binks! Ummmm... yeah. Okay.


A really fun unified timeline for all science fiction stories (well, a lot of them, anyway...)

Nobody will ever be this earnest about The Matrix again. Sadly.

Did you know there was a Space Family Robinson series for years before Lost In Space? I didn't.

Admit it, you want an easy to find repository of the original screenplay for Star Trek V. I love the part where they explain that the universe is real, and this movie will adhere to REAL science.

This seems to be some kind of Star Wars parody site, but I couldn't quite figure it out. It's cute, though.

This appears to be the official site for Jupiter Moon, a somewhat obscure and short-lived science fiction series from England, containing reams of information. Hard to imagine that info will be available anywhere else...