Spoiler warning: bigwigs explain how the next Iron Man and Superman movies will differ from the last ones. Megan Fox does a crazy tongue stunt in a Jennifer's Body image. Plus Zombieland pic, Heroes shocker, and Spielberg's alien-invasion project filming.



James McTeigue, the rumored director of the next Superman movie, continues to make vague, forboding statements. This time, he says he thinks "the culture has sort of changed a little bit around Superman," and the next Superman movie "would have to be something a little darker." [MTV]


Iron Man 2:

We already linked to Kevin Feige's interview with Comic Book Resources where he talks about the Avengers, but there's also a bit where he said the climax to the second Iron Man movie will be a bit more spectacular and large-scale than the first one was. "On the highway and the rooftop in the last movie was great and the connection between Jeff [Bridges] and Robert was great but we wanted to give it a little more spectacle this time around for the finale." [Comic Book Resources]

Jennifer's Body:


Megan Fox sets her tongue on fire in a new image from the film. More images (from this film, as well as some other upcoming fall movies) at the link. [MTV]



Jesse Eisenberg finally gets some quality time alone with his hot neighbor, in this clip – and if you don't see where this scene is going, you've never seen a zombie film. [MTV]
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Spielberg's untitled alien invasion project:

This Dreamworks TV series (or miniseries) for TNT has got to get a catchier title. But anyway, it's filming now in Hamilton, Ontario, with star Noah Wylie playing someone who fights alien invaders. And the spoilery bit is that they're filming a lot at the Royal Botanical Gardens. So is there some kind of plant-themed menace here? Or are they hiding out in a garden? [THR]



The studio sent us a new picture of Hayden Panettiere, looking particularly squashed, from episode 4x02, "Jump, Push, Fall." [NBC]

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Also, more about Jayma Mays coming back to the show — apparently, the original plan is: Hiro jumps back to the diner where Charlie works, and this time he succeeds in killing Sylar. This screws up the timeline, but it means Hiro can meet Charlie in a Tokyo bar later. (But this plan may be changed before this storyline gets filmed.) And meanwhile, Claire will be rushing a sorority at her new college. [E! Online]



Warehouse 13:

The guest stars keep coming. Looks like Joe Morton will be guest-starring in episode nine, and Mark Sheppard will pop up in episode 10. Yay! [SpoilerTV]



Rogue angel Anna will be in the second episode of the new season, and is slated for more appearances after that. [E! Online]


There are no plans for us to find out Sarah Walker's real name, says Yvonne Strahovski. [E! Online]



Actor Matthew Bomer says it's possible he could still return as Bryce, and he doesn't believe Bryce is really dead. [ChuckTV]

True Blood:

Maryann won't stop coming for Sam, because she needs a sacrifice for her god. And Sam thinks maybe he should just give himself up, to spare everyone else in Bon Temps harm. But a savior is riding to Sam's aid. [E! Online]


Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

A new image from season two shows Cad Bane — the bounty hunter so wicked, both his names are naughty — leading his drones. [Lucasfilm]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.