We got few minutes with Nelsan Ellis, and finally got to ask him WTF was with Bill and Sookie neglecting our beloved voice-of-the-viewer Lafayette Reynolds... and where do his inspirational v-juice bender dances find their inspiration?

It's been a rough year for our favorite True Blooder, Lafayette, but we're happy that it sounds like things are looking up. But seriously — if L doesn't start kicking some major ass soon (and I think that may be the case) we are going to have to host a "you're better than this" intervention. Bring back the sass, bring back the scarves.

Also let's get excited for the first character on this show who actually deserves special powers to get his reward. Hello ,super strength L.


Very important side note: This interview happened the night before the infamous Bill makes his piano cat cameo episode that aired on Sunday. So I didn't get to ask about it because I had no idea what was awaiting me the next day. Apologies, but such is life.