Why did Green Lantern visit the set of Iron Man 2? Also, there are new G.I. Joe, Kick-Ass, Doctor Who and Torchwood pics. And new Dollhouse/Battlestar Galactica videos. Plus Harry Potter, Book Of Eli, Eureka, Heroes and True Blood spoilers!

Green Lantern:

Jon Favreau twittered that "Green Lantern visited the set" of this movie, making people wonder if he meant that Ryan Reynolds stopped by (and maybe filmed a scene or two?) or some other actor who was in line to play Hal Jordan at some point. I imagine a Deadpool cameo is out of the question, since that's a different studio. Drat. Of course, it was probably just a friendly visit in any case. [Via Movies Spoilers]


Favreau also helpfully twittered this Youtube video of the movie's filming, showing the huge greenscreen set at Sepulveda Dam:

G.I. Joe:

Here are 9 new promo photos from this toy movie — which appear to be all from the trailer, sadly. But still, now you can really cherish the tight outfits and mayhem. [IGN via Comic Book Movie]


Harry Potter:

Michael Gambon describes what happens to Dumbledore in the new movie: "It's Dumbledore's final wind-up, isn't it? He's not well. He's losing his stature, he's getting sick, he's being infected by all these horcruxes and Harry sort of takes over, becomes his father in a way. He holds him up." Also, we get to see him dressed as "the young Dumbledore" in a suit and a hat. And he's definitely back "as a ghost" in the final movie, just like in the book. [AICN]


Here's another image of this movie's titular teen superhero. Click the link to see the whole thing. [AICN]

The Book Of Eli:

The Hughes Brothers tell the L.A. Times this film stars "Denzel Washington as the lone hero walking westward, carrying with him a book with the secrets for saving humanity... the film, set in the not-so-distant future, takes place after a tremendous calamity befalls human civilization. Traveling west through the barren landscape, Eli needs to reach San Francisco to keep his special cargo from falling into the wrong hands." And there are biker chicks, and apparently there was some debate over whether they would kiss each other. [L.A. Times]

Doctor Who:

Here are a couple new promo pics from this fall's "Waters Of Mars," including a better look at that hideous possessed human. [Bad Wolf TV]


And here's another clip from the unaired episode "Epitaph One." Can't wait to see the whole thing! [Chicago Tribune]

Battlestar Galactica:

A new teaser for "The Plan" is pretty similar to the ones we've already seen, but with a few new snippets of footage. Sorry, non U.S. people, the Cylons hate you. [Syfy via Battlestar_Blog]


I know it's already aired in the U.K., but here are some new promo photos from "Day Five" of "Children Of Earth," just in case you haven't seen it... or want to relive the handcuffs and running with children. [SpoilerTV and SpoilerTV]


Upcoming storylines including Jack and Zoe debating whether she'll go off to college. And Colin Ferguson reiterates that Jack's dynamic with Allison is more friendship, not just because Jack gets a new love interest but also because Allison's pregnant. [Digital Journal]

Salli Richardson-Whitfield and creator Jaime Paglia answer questions about the new episodes. [Sci Fi Wire]

The titles of episodes 3x13 through 3x16 will be "If You Build It," "Ship Happens," "Shower the People" and "You Don't Know Jack." [SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13:

In upcoming episodes, we'll meet Claudia, a young hacker who's "a little Artie in training." [ProJo.com]

True Blood:

Here's a set video showing a scene from an upcoming episode. Jason and Sookie hit a couple who are making out, probably under Maryann's influence, in their truck. The couple go back to making out again. And then Sookie asks if they're all right, and they run away — to Merlotte's to tell Sam something.

I haven't seen last night's episode, so apologies if any of these spoilers are less than fresh. In any case, Deborah Ann Woll says Jessica's relationship with Bill "settles down as much as a father-daughter relationship ever does." And Alan Ball says an alien invasion storyline "kicks in around episode six" this season. (Sadly, he's probably kidding.) Sam Trammell says we'll find out how Sam knows Maryann:

A lot of Sam's history is explored this year, and you find out how they know each other. My storyline this year is very much entwined with hers. She's a very, very intense creature for Sam.

Sam also becomes more vulnerable than he's been in the past. And he has a scene coming up that's indescribably crazy. [E! Online]

We'll find out more about Maryann's pig, says Michelle Forbes. "I mean, animals of all sorts play their part as the season progresses. The pig is important, but it's not as important as you think. There are so many other animals that come into play." [TV Guide]


One of our heroes will interact with a sensitive male cello player who plays in Central Park, and when said hero tries to play the cello, the instrument turns out to be "magical." [TV Squad]

Dawn Olivieri plays Lydia, "the beautiful, charming, soul of the Sullivan Brothers Carnival. This carnival is a roving band of people blessed with special abilities. They are powerful, but they hide in the shadows, performing on the outskirts of towns and cities. But all of that is about to change. Lydia has been part of this carnival for a number of years. She is the exotic tattoo lady, but she is also a powerful empath of sorts." She has the ability to sense people using the images on her body, and she can track down other people with mutant abilities, so the Carnival's leader, Samuel, can recruit them. She understands the grief that has fueled Samuel's ambition, but may not be on board with his "destructive goals." [IGN]

On a possibly related note, the season's fourth episode will be called "Ink." [Heroes Spoilers]

Vampire Diaries:

Another new promo for this WB-esque show. [Vampiresite.net]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.