Now Philip K. Dick's Missing Android Head Has His Own Radio Show

You may have heard that Philip K. Dick's android head has gone missing and is roaming the country wreaking god knows what paranoia. Now a radio play promises to reveal the truth.

The radio play Bring Me The Head Of Philip K. Dick just aired on BBC Radio Three today and is online as a podcast for the next seven days. Here's the official description:

Gregory Whitehead's dark, surreal and satirical drama, set in contemporary America, centres on a deadly futuristic weapon in the shape of the android head of science-fiction writer Philip K Dick. Invented by a shadowy research unit inside the Pentagon, the head - which believes it actually is Dick himself - is wreaking havoc on society and must be stopped before it finds its body.

I somehow wonder if an android head of Philip K. Dick wouldn't be more dangerous without his body. [via Total Dickhead]