It's not just Battlestar Galactica that could be getting a big screen version that ignores its TV reboot; a new interview with V creator Kenneth Johnson suggests that our favorite mouse-eaters may be Hollywood-bound.

Talking to the Unlikely Words blog, Johnson clarified his (lack of) involvement with the new television version of the '80s show, and what he'd rather see done with the property:

You are correct that I am not involved with the new ABC/Warners TV pilot based on my original premise of V. I understand that their "reimagined" take is quite different. The guys involved are gentlemen and I wish them well.

I own the motion picture rights to V and have turned down offers from several major studios whose vision of V as a movie doesn't correspond to my own. We are currently working to set up V as an independent feature.

My prime desire is to bring big-screen production values to the new V movie while carefully protecting the timeless story, the characters, quality, integrity and substance that make my original V such a favorite of worldwide audiences and a critically acclaimed, international landmark.

On the one hand, you have to admire him for sticking to his guns and his vision. But on the other, I'm really not sure that I'd particularly want to see a movie that doesn't seem to be that concerned with making its story a little more contemporary, either. We'll see what the final version looks like... if it ever gets made.

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