Sometimes a tabletop game comes along whose premise is so cool that it should rightfully spawn a series of novels or movies. Such is the case with New Wave Requiem, a new World of Darkness game that pits bloodsucking vampires of the underworld against bloodsucking stockbrokers on with Wall St. Let the evil commence!

io9 co-conspirator Ed Grabianowski has the full story over on Robot Viking. Here's a taste:

Treating the 80s as a historical subject is an interesting tactic by itself, but mixing the excesses and glossy brutality of that decade with the presence of vampires is, frankly, brilliant. There are so many hooks upon which to hang an adventure or a campaign. You've got the amoral yuppie businessmen talking on their giant brick phones, talking about mergers and acquisitions (murders and executions?) while snorting coke from the skin of delirious hookers. Who is worse, the vampires or the humans? You've got the age-old conflict between ancient Kindred and their newly embraced cousins, but now the conflict is magnified 1,000 times. Some vampires still live in crypts or mouldering manors, while others are writing computer programs and investing in IBM.

Then there's AIDS . . .

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