There was more than one reveal in the latest Terminator Salvation trailer. Poring over screencaps, we found similarities with Firefly and Star Wars, plus lots of hidden plot twists. And there's new behind-the-scenes footage. Spoilers!!

Future Earth:

I've mentioned before that this reminded me of Star Wars but this still by still comparison pretty much seals the deal - cue the Tattooine soul-searching music. Tattooine:

End of the world party, Zion-style, or human death camp? Yeah, poor humans.

Serenity? Is that you girl?

Ah the Harvester, nice red eye nod, and a plus one for the giant gun head.

End of the world fashions.

Sam Worthington, you have something in your eye, teeth, face... I think it's blood. I'm very excited for the Marcus Wright character. He looks like someone who could go toe-to-toe with Bale, physically speaking.

Hello gorgeous. Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor, worlds better than Claire Danes. Look at that face: classic beauty. Can't wait to see if she's a big of an ass-kicker as I hope. But what are you so shocked about, Kate?

Oh right, him. Looks like Marcus' robo-innards are all splayed out for everyone to see. I really enjoyed how Common smacked him in the head right before this scene, in the trailer.

A crown of chains adorn Marcus' head, just don't look down because, well, your insides are hanging out.

Who are these folks? Looks like Marcus and that kid he was running around with about two trailers ago, and maybe Kyle Reese?

Told you not to look down.

I'm gonna get you, sucka!

No, you're not!
And now, because no matter what, I will always be in love with John Connor/Christian Bale, here is the big kiss scene shot-by-shot from the trailer so you can savor each moment.


And finally, the big reveal. Marcus is a Terminator.

Also coming new this week is the behind-the-scenes footage from The Insider on the set of Terminator Salvation. It's pretty intense, check it out: