McG explained a huge chunk of Terminator Salvation's storyline, and new TV spots show off more Watchmen mayhem. There's also our first look at the Tahmoh/Eliza meeting on Dollhouse, plus Lost clips and Smallville pics.

Terminator Salvation:

During one of the press roundtables at Wondercon (when I was at a different table), McG explained more about T4:

We start this picture with Marcus [Sam Worthington] committing a rather substantial infraction. In fact, he's ultimately put to death, which is how he ends up with some metal rods in his body. And he learns that people-he doesn't believe that-but he learns from hanging out with these people that everybody deserves a second chance.

And we hear Sarah Connor's voice on tape, talking about surprise and immeasurable heartbreak, and telling John he must save the boy who will become his father, Kyle Reese. Also, Kyle sees someone make a huge sacrifice at the end of the movie, and that helps him realize that some must sacrifice so that others may live. That inspires him, ten years later, to leave everyone he loves behind so he can go back in time to save Sarah Connor. [Sci Fi Wire]


Here are some new TV spots for this Friday's big superhero epic.


In episode 5x09, "Namaste," Sawyer has to perpetuate his lie further, in order to protect some old friends who drop in unannounced, according to ABC. The episode includes Frank Lapidus, Marvin Candle, Christian Shephard and Radzinsky. [The ODI]

Here are a couple of sneak peeks from tomorrow night's episode, "LeFleur". [ Doc Arzt and E! Online]

Sawyer and Jin will be stuck together in the 1970s for three whole years, by the end of which Jin's English will have improved dramatically. [E! Online]


Here's what happens in episode six, "Man On The Street," according to Fox: "Echo becomes the perfect wife for a lonely internet mogul, and Sierra's attacker is revealed. Meanwhile, Mellie's life is in danger and Agent Ballard's investigation takes a surprising turn when he comes face-to-face and goes fist-to-fist with Echo for the first very time." And here are some pics. [DollhouseWeb]

Here's a new promo for Fox's Friday-night lineup:


The April 28th episode, 1x18, will be called "Midnight." [Fringe Television]


Here are some new promo pics from the Tori Spelling-rich episode "Infamous". [Kryptonsite]


In next week's episode, the prophecy about Matt being a murder-suicide bomber comes due, but Matt doesn't know anything about it. Sylar's biological dad is obsessed with taxidermy and has a physical ailment that factors into his relationship with Gabriel. Nathan has to regain Tracy's trust, or the Hunter will kill them both. [E! Online]