"It's a somewhat arty science fiction romance thriller." "It's a genre of no genre." "It's an urban fairytale fantasy drama, with a parallel-world aspect to it." Even the people making Franklyn struggled to explain it.

The above quotes, from the London Times, come from actors, the director and a producer, during the making of the trippy movie, which contains four interlocking stories. One of the four stories takes place in Meanwhile City, a weird Blade Runner-esque place where you're required by law to believe in a religion - any religion - and an atheist superhero named Preest (Ryan Philippe) flouts the religious authorities.


The good news, says the Times, is the finished product actually makes total sense and the interlocking strands come together in a narratively satisfying final act. (Besides Preest's story, the other stories involve a jilted lover named Milo (Sam Riley), his childhood sweetheart Sally (Eva Green) and a suicidal video artist (also Eva Green). And somehow, Emilia lives in the same building as Preest, even though he's a superhero from an alternate universe. But even though it all comes together in the end, director Gerald McMorrow hints you may have to see the movie twice for it all to make sense.

Honestly, the trailer looks so visually stunning - and so do these newly released stills - that I'm more than willing to go along for the trippy ride. It doesn't hurt that Franklyn combines Blade Runner-esque dystopia and weird/arty urban romantic drama. Even if it never quite makes sense, or god forbid, fails to fall neatly into a pigeonhole, I'm totally there anyway.

New Franklyn images from SciFi Cool. [Times Online]