Today a San Francisco "psychic" named Lisa Marie Miller (pictured) was sentenced to two months in jail after convincing a woman she had a "curse" that could only be cured by buying Miller a Corvette.

Obviously, the fake-psychic-turned-investigator from The Mentalist chucked a pretty lucrative job when he went straight. Miller had sucked over $100 thousand out of her victim by the time she was arrested.


Over the past three years, Miller got the woman to pay her tens of thousands of dollars in cash and finance a Corvette. She claimed she would help Miller with "spiritual cleansing." Eventually the victim figured out the scam because she learned that Miller's mother-in-law, also a psychic, had been arrested for taking almost half a million dollars from one of her clients. At that point, she tried to get answers out of Miller and finally turned her over to police.

Miller was convicted of theft by false pretense, and has to pay her victim back as well as serve jail time. Miller's sister-in-law is also up on charges of theft, for getting $36 thousand of another woman to cleanse her of evil. Wow, psychic powers run in the family!


Psychic Gets Two Months [via Bad Astronomy]