Click to viewWe've got the definitive guide to what you and your fannish pals should have on your holiday lists this season. Not sure what to buy for the Star Wars fan in your life? Got a steampunker or zombie lover on your list and no clue where to look? Wondering what's out there for the Battlestar Galactica watcher, the Trekkie, or the Whedon devotee? Our gift guide offers ideas for the ten major species of scifi fan.

We've covered every zone of fandom possible - just click the links to find out what will make gift-giving day the Best Day Evar for the scifi nerds of the world.

Gifts for the Star Wars Fan


Gifts for the Star Trek Fan

Gifts for the Battlestar Galactica Fan

Gifts for the Doctor Who Fan

Gifts for the Batman Fan

Gifts for the Harry Potter Fan

Gifts for the Whedonverse Fan

Gifts for the Twilight Fan

Gifts for the Steampunk Fan

Gifts for the Zombie Fan