Flash If You Love Wookiees And The New Fanboys Trailer The adorable Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell and the rest of their stereotypical nerd-boy crew embark on the dangerous mission of breaking into George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, in the new trailer for Kyle Newman's Fanboys . It looks like your standard haphazard road trip comedy — but with a killer list of cameos that caters to fan-dorks by addressing Billy D only as Lando and calling Kevin Smith "that guy from Die Hard 4 ." Plus, how could you not love the fact that the Han Solo-dressed driver's van squeals like R2 when he kicks it into light speed? At first I was worried that director Kyle Newman had created a "let's laugh at the nerds" flick, but now I'm starting to see that this film is more light on plot and heavy on fan-jokes. Which I'm actually okay with. As long as there is no moral at the end that "geeks are people too." Fanboys will finally come out on February 6, 2009.