Zombie Reality TV Contestants Shuffle Their Way to the Top Click to view Zombies have invaded every facet of entertainment, so it was only a matter of time before they shambled onto reality TV. VH1 just released five webisodes of America’s Next Top Zombie Idol , an undead parody of its already over-the-top reality programming, which pits eight zombified contestants against each other in the ultimate undead competition. Watch as they cohabitate, hookup, and learn why the walking dead shouldn’t go near stripper poles.ANTZI is the brainchild of 51 Minds, the company that gave us such highbrow entertainment as The Surreal Life , Flavor of Love , and America’s Most Smartest Model . Here, they round up eight Zombie-Americans from different backgrounds (including “rage zombie,” “slow-moving zombie,” and “recently deceased vegan”) and challenge them to be the best reanimated corpses they can be. And when things start to get homicidal, the contestants are kept in line by host Carrie Keagan, who got a taste of the zombie life herself in Dance of the Dead . [VH1 via ShockTillYouDrop ]