What's worse than a handful of sick kids throwing up on your new sweater and ruining your drunken relaxed holidays? Sick kids that will try and kill you in your sleep. The odds aren't in this family's favor when a group of friends brings their brood of kids to a cabin in the woods to celebrate the Christmas holidays. The Children is a horror holiday flick that unleashes these little demons on their poor unsuspecting parents, and asks that time age question about kiddie attackers: do they become more powerful when infected? Because I'm pretty sure I could beat some kids up, knife wielding or not. A full gallery of sick, evil babies that will turn you off procreating for years to come.

It's the classic Chuckie question: how much power does someone half your height really have, especially when they are kids? It looks like in this particular film, these children are far more crafty than strong. Plus, they totally maimed frosty right in the eye. The Children premieres in the UK on December 5th, we'll keep the rest of the world updated on other dates. Clips:

Go to the movie's web site and watch the snowman fill with blood while you wait for the page to load.