One Good Reason Some Of SF's Best Books Don't Become Movies Dying to see a movie version of Ursula K. LeGuin's classic novel The Dispossessed ? Or Rocannon's World ? Don't hold your breath. In the wake of the Sci Fi Channel's horrendous miniseries of her Wizard Of Earthsea , LeGuin tells Locus she'll never sell one of her books to Hollywood again. Says LeGuin:

Bit once, OK; bit twice, you're stupid. I think a couple of my books would make very good movies, but you've got to have somebody who really believes in you, really believes this book would make a good movie, not, 'I'm going to buy this book so we can use her name, and then I'll make the movie I want to make.' However, I got wonderful letters of condolence for months after the Sci Fi Channel's version of A Wizard of Earthsea. People were so sweet, so mad! I do have wonderful readers. They write the nicest damn letters.
[Locus ]