Roam the Wastelands in Your Very Own Interceptor Have you dreamed of firing up your "Black on Black" Interceptor, tossing back a handful of Dinki Di dog food, and driving off to combat post-apocalyptic terrorists and feral children? Then AUTOart has just the thing for you (assuming you're about four inches tall, that is). Their 1:18 scale die cast replica of Mad Max's heavily modified Ford Falcon Coupe includes everything you need: machetes, massive "guzzolene" tanks, faithful companion Dog, and a tire on a chain. You'll have to provide your own apocalypse, though.Roam the Wastelands in Your Very Own Interceptor The Interceptor is one seriously bad-ass looking ride, with that massive supercharger, aggressive stance and that paint scheme - who knew there were so many different shades of black? And yes, it really does come with a replica Dog and some Dink Di dog food. Roam the Wastelands in Your Very Own Interceptor The only drawback is the cleanliness of the car. It's intended to replicate the version from Mad Max 2 (note the cut-off front spoiler and the rear deck fuel tanks), but in the movie, the car was dusty, dirty and beat to hell. This model is a bit too shiny. Experienced hobbyists can easily add some mud and a bit of weathering, but you might be hesitant to mark up a $140 collector's item like this. Although it's still a lot cheaper than creating your own full-size Interceptor replica . Images by: AUTOart. "1/18th-scale Mad Max 2 Interceptor." [Hemmings Muscle Machines, Nov. 2008]