Wash that Quarantine YAZPM Experience Out of Your Brain Here's the thing with Quarantine , the new zombie outbreak flick that hit theaters this weekend: It's YAZPM. You know: Yet Another Zombie Plague Movie. How does this YAZPM distinguish itself from its predecessors in the genre? Not by much. The outbreak is contained to a creepy apartment building, which I hope will spawn a round of "sick building" jokes. And there's a journalist filming the whole thing, sort of like that video game where you have to take pictures of zombies in a mall while you kill them. But in the end, Quarantine just doesn't satisfy: It feels derivative, and not just because it's a remake of Spanish film REC . So instead of seeing Quarantine, I recommend you see a better, more original YAZPM. Here are some ideas for where to start. First of all, you'll want to begin with some plague classics: George Romero's 1973 plague-makes-you-a-murderin-freak flick The Crazies (soon to be a remake ), or the 1971 version of I Am Legend called Omega Man , with Charlton Heston battling people whose disease makes them hippies in whiteface . You might want to leaven your diet of plague with a couple of books: Kathleen Ann Goonan 's nanopunk classic Queen City Jazz

is about a nano-plague that converts people into zombie-esque creatures who are all obsessed with playing out the plot of Huckleberry Finn. You think I'm joking but I'm not. Goonan is a rewardingly weird writer, whose ideas will infect you and make you feel strange for days after. And of course you'll need to read Max Brooks' World War Z , a modern classic in the YAZPM genre. It's the first faux documentary novel about a zombie outbreak, told as a series of interviews with survivors. Once you've digested those, you can move on to more recent YAZPM movies, starting with 28 Days Later . This flick is one of the best plague zombie movies of all time, full of grody goodness and exemplifying the "fast zombie" sub-sub-genre. If you want more ultra-violence and less plague, you can try The Signal , about an outbreak of murderous violence sparked by a maddening TV and mobile phone signal that scrambles people's perceptions. There is much limb-munching and occasional (intentional) humor. And if you need more YAZPM humor after that, you absolutely must see Zombie Strippers . It's got Jenna Jameson as a zombie, infecting all the guys who come to watch her strip — and a lot of the girls who work for her too. And, obviously, check out REC , the Spanish YAZPM movie on which Quarantine is based. Its frenetic YouTube camera style is scary and intense.