It only seems like a few weeks ago that M. Night Shyamalan was talking about wanting to make Unbreakable 2 , and now he's at it again, telling MTV "I want to write it right now, but I want to write it for the right reasons... I want a story to pop into my head that is organic and expressive of who I am. You know, these are all kind of journals of where I am emotionally, so it’s kind of hard. I’m kind of trying to go back to the journal that existed in 1999 for me. But I know me: As soon as I give up on it is when the idea will come to me." It's as if he wants someone to just walk up to him and give him a hug and give him permission to make a sequel, isn't it? Please, whoever happens to run into him next - Please do just that thing and spare us another "I want to, but should I?" interview. [Splash Page ]