The Zombie Apocalypse — in Legos This past weekend, the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall played host to BrickCon 2008, an annual convention of adult Lego hobbyists. The best part? Lego enthusiasts Brothers Brick sponsored a large-scale zombie apocalypse made entirely from plastic bricks. Participants in the Zombie Apocafest created interlocking segments of a city overrun with the Lego undead to form one giant display. Witness the plastic carnage.The Brothers Brick , who organized Zombie Apocafest, gave out awards for best zombified building and best zombified vehicle, and integrated all of the entries into a single, zombie-battling city. Andrew Becraft of the Brothers Brick documented the tiny apocalyptic horror:

Zombie Apocafest 2008: Children, avert your eyes! [The Brothers Brick]