VP Debates, Mortal Kombat StyleA tiny warrior woman will fight the big sword slinging elderly knight tonight on the Biden/Palin debate. But if you can't wait for the blood bath to ensue, Kung Fu Election has just updated their Mortal Kombat-esque fighting game that pins the candidates against one another. So if your ready to see a fur clad Palin whack Biden with a hockey stick or get your chance to silence Palin with a shiny blade, then you're in luck. It's got all the players loaded in including a Kill Bill dressed Cindy McCain and samurai-bouncing Obama.VP Debates, Mortal Kombat Style Pick any candidate you want, even their spouses are available. I gotta admit, though — tiny Cindy McCain looks hilarious and Michelle Obama is vicious with her big hammer/pick axe. VP Debates, Mortal Kombat StyleI actually assume that this is how Biden is preparing for tonight at this very moment. VP Debates, Mortal Kombat Style VP Debates, Mortal Kombat Style VP Debates, Mortal Kombat Style Palin's secret weapon is a big fat gun, which she uses an unfair amount of times. Go play now at Kung Fu Election. [Atom]