David Fincher recently released a longer trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , a bewitching, sepia-kissed romance-drama starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Camille Saint-Saën’s wistful, whimsical “The Aquarium” scores the longer clip; it’s a track that would fit effortlessly into the Tim Burton oeuvre, and surprisingly feels at place here too. Yes, this is a radical departure for the Fight Club and Zodiac director, who is indeed prone to mystery and wonder with regard to blood-and-guts—which are conspicuously absent here, save some tasteful Private Ryan -esque interludes. The movie, based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald story, is about an orphaned man/boy who ages backwards. Fincher gives us a traveling slideshow of his Pitted marvels: Button as a brittle old man (shout-out to the makeup artist!); Button weirding-out a woman of ill repute; Button fighting on the frontlines; Button, topless, checking himself out in the mirror; and of course Button looking all strapping as he courts the graceful Blanchett. (Pitt doesn’t exude much here, but then if you saw his exaggerated performance in Burn After Reading , consider this sweet mercy.) It ends gently with a melancholic feeling of certain doom, a nuance hereto unknown to Fincher—which we welcome since he hasn't gone all Notebook on us. In case you didn’t realize it, Button also has a leg-up in its mini-competition with long-delayed The Time Traveler’s Wife movie about a dude (Eric Bana) who jumps around randomly in time, courting his wife (Rachel McAdams) at different ages. Of course, Pitt comes out a winner either way, since he stars in Button and his Plan B Entertainment is producing the latter. Meanwhile it's looking more and more like we won't be needing a movie based on the lovely, lady-friendly, aging-backwards best-seller The Confessions of Max Tivoli . Or at least anytime soon.