First Look At Astro Boy's Home World Click to view Some new Astro Boy concept art has leaked out. Looks like the monsters our tiny robot hero will have to face are freaktasticly big go-go rocket boots. The new pics also include the first look at Dr. Tenma (the scientist who creates Astro Boy), and a giant alien or robot playing in a flower field. These pictures look gorgeous. I love the flying transports in Metro City. I'm also really impressed with Dr. Tenma, he looks so happy with the little boy that I'm going on a limb to say that, that could be Tobio, his son who dies tragically. Tobio's passing is the reason Tenma creates Astro Boy, to replace a lost soon. Too bad he doesn't feel the same love for our little robot friend. The stills and concept art are starting to show a great blend of a cold futuristic society that's melted by a metal robot heart. [Astroboy Online via Twitch ]