Don't Hate The Mind-Controlled Player, Hate The Game With Death Race hitting theaters, some new details have come out about the other movie about convicts battling on the Internet. Game , starring Gerard Butler, may have gotten delayed until next year, but co-star Ludacris (aka Chris Bridges) is already comparing it to the classic Running Man . Click through to find out more about the movie's non-car-related death-match storyline, and the "renaissance man" that Bridges plays in the movie. In an interview with Bridges, the L.A. Times got a somewhat more coherent synopsis than we've seen before:

Gerard Butler ("300") plays Kable, a death-row convict who is plucked from his cell and dropped into the rock-'em, sock-'em combat. He's proves so adept at carnage that he becomes a pop-culture star to the global audience watching the grisly game unfold. Bridges plays a character nicknamed Humanz who is not a fan; he's part of a resistance effort that sees the game as an ethical affront and have a plan to use Kable to bring down the entire game.
Dexter 's Michael C. Hall plays the evil genius who created the game, and Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer ) plays someone named Gina Parker Smith. (Weirdly, the article doesn't even mention Milo Ventimiglia's character, whom Ventimiglia has described as "Moonraker, silver grill, with a latex outfit making him look like a bumblebee. [Laughs.] With I think the perverse nature of...a teenage boy on speed." Sure, Milo, sure. Whatever you say.) Bridges' character is a "renaissance man" who gets upset that convicts like Kable are having chips put in their brains to control them. The "intense" Game comes from writer/director duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, who created the insane Crank movies, so it'll probably be way more demented than Death Race , and possibly a lot better as well. [LA Times]