Jane Austen Will Steal Your Identity And Send You Down A Time/Space Wormhole Evil author Jane Austen kidnaps a poor girl and sends her back to the past to relive her novel Pride and Prejudice . Actually it's heroine Elizabeth Bennett who locks the modern-day Amanda Price in her world, letting her escape a boring job and a burpy couch-potato boyfriend. But it's not all giggles and pinafores in the new UK show Lost In Austen , which brings the Life On Mars formula to the Regency era. By the time Amanda sees the downside of being stuck in Pride and Prejudice , she's trapped. Click through for a clip from the show that premieres on ITV1 this fall. I'm sorry, but if I get a time machine, I'm not going back to the time of stuffed shirts and tea parties. They had to do their business in a pot. Plus no AC. It's straight to the future for me. But I could change my mind for a hot piece of Darcy action. [ITV1 ]