Your Robot Defense System Has ArrivedWondering just what you can do to protect yourself from ninjas, cowboys and My Chemical Romance fans? We're pleased to introduce you to the sexy Bikini FemBot, a robot that's designed to do just that very thing. And she's just one of many such robots, all available to you through this very internet.Bikini FemBot is one of a series of robots designed by Etsy's Spaceboyjordo, each of which promises to

[aid] in safety & protection [and help] prevent ninjas, cowboys, aliens, pirates, dogs w/ sweaters, creepy uncles, and emo kids from entering your zone by using its robot skillz. For best results place robot on shelf facing a window and/or door of your zone. See results instantly. In case of detached limb during combat, acquire a hot glue servicing mechanism device and reattach where necessary. Sometimes robot may become fierce. Batteries not included, nor necessary. Robot personalities may vary. See a physician if complications occur.
Your Robot Defense System Has Arrived Your Robot Defense System Has Arrived Your Robot Defense System Has Arrived Each of the robots are hand-made and one-of-a-kind; my favorite may be Yoshi, the Mega Robot. There's just something about his bright-green awesomeness that gets to me every time I look at him. Your Robot Defense System Has Arrived Holla at dem Bots yo! [Etsy]