A robo-girl in a leather miniskirt challenges Japan's most invincible middle manager to a subway-train seat-getting duel — which escalates into a space battle — in this demented moment from Japan's DVD magazine Grasshoppa!. The DVD mag, which only lasted four issues, always contained a mixture of freaky anime and bizarre live-action skits, but few were as insane as this one: Ryusei Kacho. Update: I uploaded a better quality video.

The legendary middle manager Ryusei is famous for being the only one who always wins a seat on one of Japan's overcrowded subway trains. But Automatic Maria (who uses her robotic ass-wiggling to get seats) discovers that he's really Marilyn Denjiro, the "long-lost jewel of the Japanese glam-rock scene." He used to flounce around in a blond wig and tons of makeup, but now he's a middle-aged madogiwazoku who uses his superpowers to get a comfy seat on the train. So Maria challenges Ryusei to a duel on a subway train: if she wins, he has to sing for her again. Even though Ryusei fantasizes about donning the lovely makeup again, he must defend his honor as the invincible Middle Manager. So in the end, he has no choice but to take her up into space and pwn her leather-covered ass. It's nothing personal. As a consolation prize, he gives her a new Marilyn D. tune to listen to... all about minding the doors on the subway. [Thanks to Lorena and Gregor]

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