The must-have home accessory of this season has to be The Seeker Robot. This 3 1/2" tall droid will, according to its maker, "seek whatever it's current master commands ... object, information, person ... all other orders recinded!" If only it were more than an awesome (and affordable) sculpture from Etsy artist The Builder's Studio. More of his work under the jump.

Explaining his work, the Builder's Studio writes

In college the art form I spent the most time on was painting (visual art — I was an English major and am a writer and published author), but had an interest in jewelry since way back in high school (they even offered a small course in wax carving/lost wax method which I took)! I sculpt, design "items" and more.

In recent times, however, I have concentrated a large part of my efforts info makeing a line of science fiction and "geeky" items... a lot, but not all of it "retro tech." These are items that look the way we THOUGHT they would years ago. Think robots or ray guns from maybe the 1930's, flying saucers from the 50's and of course steampunk from the 1800's!

We've previously linked to his wedding cake decorations, but his complete Etsy store offers over 300 equally awesome items for sale, from rayguns to jewelry and even walking sticks.

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