A weird long-limbed creature attacks this guy's minivan, from the British time-warp show Primeval, coming to American TV. The show's producers insist it's nothing like Doctor Who: it's a work of total realism, except for the one central plot device of a time/space rift opening and letting prehistoric creatures attack. Primeval, from the creators of the acclaimed CG-heavy Walking With Dinosaurs, uses the same techniques to show prehistoric creatures in the present day. Click through for a gallery of CG creatures, plus a few spoilers.

The show's first 13 episodes, or two British seasons worth, will air on BBC America starting August 9 at 9 PM. Halfway through that run, there's a plot twist that opens up the types of monsters we'll be seeing. The time rift turns out to access the future as well as the past, so weird scifi monsters also start turning up. Meanwhile, evolutionary zoology Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) tries to contain the creatures. He's also searching for his missing wife, who may have disappeared into that time/space rift, and he discovers some secrets along the way. [IGN]