We're merely two days away from the season five premiere of Stargate Atlantis, the Stargate SG-1 spinoff about a space station/city. This Friday we'll be able to get our fill of tough as nails Ronon and Sheppard's cowlick. We already told you what would happen on the season premiere but now we've got more details on the upcoming episodes, including the surprising return of some characters who should be dead. I challenge you, Stargate, to kill off a character and leave him/her dead for eternity.

The Seed (Episode 2)

Dr. Keller gets infected with a strange new alien virus. The crew thinks it may be linked to Michael's super evil Wraith lab and whatever experiments have been happening in there. The crew, including Sheppard, are all quarantined. In order to figure out the answer to this Wraith science problem they decide to bring Beckett out of stasis. You remember Beckett, he's the blown-to-bits doctor who just came back to life because as we may have mentioned, NO ONE DIES ON ATLANTIS. (In episode 1, Ford comes back from the dead as well.) New Commander Woolsey is forced to make a tough decision that could end in the death of Keller, which we all know isn't really that big of a problem on Stargate, so my money is on her living.

Broken Ties (Episode 3)

Ronon's ex-bestie Tyre (also known as The Chairman from Iron Chef America) returns to trick our raspy warrior yet again. He ambushes Ronon and imprisons him looking for a payout. Tyre is going through some hard times and has fallen out with the Wraith he once helped. And now, he's experiencing Wraith essence sucking withdrawal and needs a fix fast. Hoping to get back in with his masters he kidnaps Ronon. Once the Wraith get their hands on Ronon, the tortuous sucking begins pulling the life out of Ronon and then returning it right before his body quits and then starting all over again. The gang has to rally to save Ronon before he's turned into a Wraith worshiper. Also this episode is supposedly when Ronon loses his mind and cuts off his lovely dreadlocks.

The Daedalus Variations (Episode 4)

The crew of Atlantis experiences alternate realities when they board a copy of the Daedalus ship. McKay uses his wits and skills to explain the creepy message left by a previous captain. The crew gets spun into different dimensions experiencing different climates and possibly meeting some new friends.


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