Sigourney Weaver says she's still considering suiting up for another Alien movie. She even hints that original director Ridley Scott might come back: "I would definitely do another if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea...Ridley is enthusiastic about it." I'm all for more gooey alien action, as long as Hollywood doesn't stick her next to any more adorable sidekicks (which is what they tend to do with older action heroes).What do you think?

Ripley has been forced to deal with a bevy of terrible younger sidekicks, from Newt to Winona Ryder, and she deserves better. Should a group of Hollywood scribes get together and try and piece together an Alien 5 please, this time, give Ripley a buddy worthy of sharing screen time with this butt-kicking legend. Almost every single returning hero has been subjected to the bad sidekick torture. Indiana Jones' over-the-hill return brought generic 1950s rebel Mutt, Live Free Or Die Hard paired the nerdy hacker stereotype Mac guy with badass John McClane and even T3 had to pin the T-101 against a cute blond she-bot.

So to all you scifi writers out there, should you chose to add a 5th Alien to your list of movie "to-dos" please think long and hard about pairing Sigourney up with a sassy young thing from the future.

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